The Course

The party begins and ends at Pajarito Mountain Ski Lodge...

Both the 10k and 25k courses begin with a challenging but beautiful climb (about 3 miles) up the east side of Pajarito Mountain, mostly on single track trails. At the top of this climb, runners find a small aid station and amazing views. 10k runners are already half done! Runners then make their way down some steep ski run sections before winding through Camp May and finding their way back to the Lodge. Congratulations 10k, you take a load off and celebrate! 

Rather than going straight to the Lodge, at the base of Camp May, 25k runners veer off to the Cañada Bonita trail. Runners follow the gently rolling Canada Bonita trail for about 2.5 miles before finding an aid station where Cañada Bonita meets Pipeline road. From the aid station, runners continue out to Rosie's Point where they will find a book inside a bag- they will take a page from this book (literally) and return the page to the aid station volunteers as proof that they made it to the point! After saying goodbye to the aid station, runners have a nice jaunt back to the Lodge!  

Coming Soon: Updated Course Maps

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